30 Days of Gratitude

Day 4 – Today, as I drove home, I was able for a few moments to quiet my mind. It was after I left the gym, sweaty, and gross, and craving a long shower. I got into the car and started driving home. And for once, the cars, the pedestrians, the noises, and the lights did not invoke in me the same repulse and disdain they normally do. I didn’t care about them that much. Each stimulus was taken in, acknowledged, and then dissipated. I was calm and my thoughts seems to steer clear out of my mind.. It’s like it was empty -in a good way- except it possessed the beauty, glow, and warmth of the pink and orange sky. It was beautiful.

Day 3 – I’m not feeling great today, so I decided to take a bath. I started the hot water, and it loudly filled the tub. I didn’t need any soap or bubbles or anything of that sort –I just wanted the water. I stripped out of my clothes and sat on the edge of the tub, in my nakedness, with my feet in the shallow water starting to soak the heat and letting the comforting glow of warm water work its way up my body. Once the tub was filled with enough water to submerge my entire body, I turned off the water and observed as the it relaxed into a still surface. As I slowly lowered myself into the water, I felt  every square inch of my skin relax. The nice thing about water is that it will wrap and envelop you, caress your body and let it fit into the liquid perfectly regardless of your shape or size. Water takes you for what you are.

Day 2 – Yoga. Today I went to yoga class for second time in two days. I used to go all the time, and then I just stopped. And I’m not entirely sure why… but I haven’t gone to a class in about eight months. And so with me trying to become more in balance with myself, I decided to get back to it, and I am so happy to be practicing it again. Yoga gives me the ability to break away from the constant stuff that occupies my time and my mind all day long. It forces me to leave those all behind me for a solid hour as I enter the studio and step on my mat. Yoga lets out so much negativity, frustration, and anxiety out through those stretches and breaths. It’s so simple yet so satisfying.

Day 1 – I am gonna take this seriously even though it sounds absolutely ridiculous and self-indulgent. Today, I am thankful for my cappuccino. Yes, put that basic white girl label one me, but I love me a good cappuccino. I am thankful for sitting here, with the sun blasting its heat and warming my back and my sore neck –it’s hot, but not too hot. It seems like just the right temperature before it gets too hot. And I am slowly sipping that cappuccino, very slowly. I put my lips on the cup’s rim, and observe the foam closely, its beautiful colors of white, and brown, and caramel. I let its steam tickle my nose just a bit and carry its amazing, indescribable, heavenly aroma. And I already feel better. My brain is waking up. I tilt the cup and taste the foam coating my lips in a decadent balance of saccharine and bitter. I drink some of the foam and it dissolves in my mouth quickly –acting as an appetizer and prefacing the actual drink. I take a second sip and drink some of the coffee. The warmth and flavor spread –and with those first two sips, I am happy.


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