Quick Thought, #5

Now it feels like LA wasn’t real. Or maybe it was..

But in my head, it feels like a distant, hazy, warm bitter-sweet memory.

And even though I thought otherwise, it had left a mark on me of magnitude, color, and shape unknown.


Overheard in Los Angeles

“I need someone who looks pretty.”

“Botox, plastic surgery, teeth whitening and straightening.. Getting old is expensive”

“I saw Paris Hilton here the other day.”

-“Oh, my good friend is friends with her so I ended up at a party with her and Kate Hudson.. It was great.”

“I thought you’re gonna be in Vegas”

-“Oh, no. I’m flying there tonight for dinner”

“Does he do botox?”

“This girl that I once hired as an extra had sex with two guys that worked on that movie with me so she can get more roles”

“No one here is normal. They’re all wackos”

“You’ll miss this weather though”

“You don’t come to LA for a normal life.. that’s boring. You come to LA to become someone.. you come here for an adventure.

“What do you do?”

-“I’m an actress”

“I’m sorry. I can’t stay. My pilot got picked up” — frantically leaves the office.

“Yeah, most people who move here are in the industry. They come here, start in the valley, get any job to support themselves while they start off in porn, go over the hills and maybe break out. But most of them don’t really make it”

“People here are not real”

“She did every single part of her body: lipo, breast augmentation, facelift.. everything. So I told the doctor, what about a nose job?.. He said she didn’t need it.”

“It’s all Dolce.. for the both of us.”